Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SDLC Models

Q) What is SDLC?

SDLC [sometimes termed as Systems Development Life-cycle] is an acronym for Software Development Life Cycle which follows a systematic process to unravel a software while following problem handling methodologies and analysis.

One should be familiar with SDLC models before getting into the world of software testing.

A process: defines “what” needs to be done and which roles are involved
A procedure: defines “how” to do the task and usually only applies to a single role

 Each process has a set of procedures to be followed. There are different kinds of SDLC methodologies and these methodologies cast the frameworks to control and plan the composition of an information system or the software development process.

SDLC Model
SDLC Model.

Different types of SDLC Models are:

SDLC-Agile Process.

    SDLC has 7 main stages:
    1) Preliminary Investigation
    2) Feasibility Study
    3) Analysis
    4) Design
    5) Coding
    6) Testing
    7) Maintenance & Review

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