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It is a variant of Waterfall Model that emphasizes the verification and validation of the product. Testing of the product is planned in parallel with a corresponding development phase.

V-Model / V-Shaped Model
V-Model / V-Shaped Model

Project and Requirements Planning:– allocate resources.
Product Requirements and Specification Analysis:– complete specification of the software systems.
Architecture or High-Level Design:– defines how software functions fulfill the design.
Detailed Design – develop algorithms for each architectural component Production, operation and maintenance:– provide for enhancement and corrections.
System and acceptance testing:– check the entire software system in its environment.
Integration Testing:– check that modules  interconnect correctly.
Unit testing:– check that each module acts as expected.
Coding:– transform algorithms into software.

V-Model Strengths:

  • Emphasizes planning for verification and validation of the product in early stages of product development phase.
  • Each deliverable are easily testable.
  • Project management can track progress by milestones.
  • Easy to use.

V-Model / V-Shaped Model.
V-Model / V-Shaped Model.

V-Model Drawbacks:

  • Does not easily handle concurrent events.
  • Does not handle iterations or phases.
  • Does not easily handle dynamic changes in requirements.
  • Does not contain risk analysis activities.

When to use V-Model:

  • Excellent choice for systems requiring high reliability.
  • All requirements are known up-front.
  • When it can be modified to handle changing requirements beyond analysis phase .
  • Solution and technology are known.


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